Excellent Buying Tips For Gaming Laptops

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If you are planning to buy a laptop for gaming purpose, then there is no other option than going for the high-end laptops with powerful configurations models. Some high-level games require unique configurations to run the game smoothly without hanging while playing. Most importantly, if you are playing with your friends online and if your laptop is not supporting properly then may have to lose the game. You can even buy some good gaming laptops below 600$. Also, you can check for best laptop deals at http://www.pcauthority.com/. There are many different types of gaming laptops available in the market, but if you want to select a good one, then you have to check on the following gaming laptop buying guidelines.


Make sure your laptop is having the minimum screen size of 15 inches for playing games. If you are planning to a setup a gaming station at home, then you can buy a laptop size more than 17 inches to have the experience like real time. If you want to carry the laptop wherever you go then you can opt for 13-14 inch size laptops.


Graphics card or graphics processing unit is the primary important deciding factor for buying a gaming laptop. It is always good to go for the high-performance graphics card so that you can play high-end games without any issues. Make sure that your laptop is having minimum VRAM capacity of 4GB for the normal gaming experience.


Ensure to have a minimum resolution of 1920×1080 for playing any games. You can go for the high resolution such as 2560×1440 or 3840×2160 panels. 4K resolution displays are trending in the market due to excellent colors and performance.
You can even consider buying a laptop with a touch option, but it will not suit for playing all types of games because some games are required to attach some external accessories to play the game.
You can either go for matte finish or glossy finish type display as per your personal interest. Even you can select a laptop with the OLED display which is the latest trend in the market and considered to be the display of the future generation.


Playing a game without sound effect will not give you a real time experience. You can buy a laptop which is enabled with good audio software or the best surround sound system technology.


The CPU and RAM are the next most important factors to be considered while buying a gaming laptop. Make sure that your laptop is having 6the generation Intel core processor or more to have a real gaming experience. You should have minimum 8GB of RAM to play games without any issues.

External Storage

It’s nice to have minimum ITB external storage capacity with 7200-rpm speed transfer facility laptop so that you won’t have storage issues while playing high-end games.


Keep in mind that a good gaming laptop is expensive as you have to go for the high level for each and every aspect but still some good budget level laptops are available in the market.